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Our Story

"There's got to be a better way"

Turns out there was...

OK... maybe, a little too much homemade soda was consumed that day, or maybe it was the grill gas running out, mid-grill... who knows? But we thought, "we can't be the only ones"...


The unfair return late charges. The printing of your own label and finding a drop-off location just to send an empty canister back. Or the constant retailer visits hoping for an in-stock exchange (or even one that's open) with the darn empties clinking around the back of the SUV. 

I mean it's the 21st Century.
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Carbonated Water
Changing carbonation

We believe that just like EVERYTHING else, CO2 refills should be available for door-to-door delivery. We set out to build a CO2 refill and exchange program that was mutually fair, inclusive to all 60L canisters no matter the brand. Oh yeah, it needed to be sustainable, and most importantly effortless. No need to run out, when you "run out".

Welcome to the future of carbonation.
It just makes sense®

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