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Amazon Refills

Don’t head back to Amazon for spares! Recycle the ones you already own and save yourself time and money by joining our membership CO2 exchange program…

Get started by creating an account to generate a no-cost shipping label for your Exchange Box. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll never need to print another shipping label again!

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Thousands of Satisfied Exchange Customers

Step One: Print

Create an account and get a no-cost shipping label. This shipping label and the box your Amazon order came in, enrolls you in the program. All future orders require no more printing.Get FREE Shipping Label

Step Two: Ship

Use the Exchange Box your order came in and fill it with your two empty canisters. Attach your no-cost shipping label and place it in your mailbox. Remember to put up the little flag thingy.

Step Three: Magic

When the Post Office scans your package, we’ll immediately FedEx your two refills at the preferred membership rate of $12.99 per canister. Repeat as often as needed.


Accidentally "recycle" your box?

No worries. Click the button below and order a new box, for a single penny. Our exchange return label will be included in the purchase.

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